Web Design

The complete building of a professional website comprising of location & product photography, cooperate identity & logo development, as well as hands on support with a digital technician.


Heres a few I made earlyer:


The Macbeth Hoxton : www.themacbeth.co.uk

Cornish Chough Brewery : www.choughbrewery.com

Nutty Noah.co.uk: www.nuttynoah.co.uk including www.cornishprivatehire.co.uk


Laura Sindall Special Effects Artist : www.laurasindall.com

Barbara Franc Artist: www.barbarafranc.co.uk

Leoni Blue Photographer : www.leoniblue.co.uk


Branding & Graphic design

NOCTIS Magazine: transforming the magazine from their graphically challenged first issue (see below), by forging a  new identity, logo & branding, building a new and dynamic website which allowed them to run the magazine form the web, a powerful blog which connects to social networking to create as much reach as possible.

The new NOCTIS Identity took the magazine from just a handful of readers to tens of thousands!

Old Branding 


New transformed branding & layout.